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Anyone can be a victim of fraud. Anyone.



Do not be embarrassed.


Report it.


Elder Financial Exploitation by People in a Position of Trust

is often un-noticed or un-reported for a long period of time.


The suspects use predatory behavior.


Isolation is the first step.

This is usually followed by manipulation or intimidation/fear tactics.


Look for these predatory behaviors. Ask about these red flags.    And report it if you see it. 


Most scams contain the same elements.


When you get that call/email/text, look for these scam elements:



Urgency, Ask, Consequences, Trusted (UACT)ᵀᴹ:


1. A sense of urgency

2. An ask for money or information

3. Real/Implied consequence for not giving money/information

4. It will appear to come from a trusted source

Taking the time to look for these scam elements can help you avoid becoming a victim.

2023 Aging Made Easier Conference

Awareness to Action with Joan Marlow


National Crime Victims' Rights  


Proclamation Read

 - Elder Fraud was Added to the Proclamation -


2023 City of Maricopa City Council 

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